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April 12, 2017

Lee Jun Ki Meminta Maaf Atas Kontroversi Hubungannya Dengan Jeon Hye Bin

Melalui fan cafenya, Lee Jun Ki memposting ungkapan permintaan maafnya atas kontroversi yang terjadi dengan terungkapnya hubungan asmaranya dengan Jeon Hye Bin. Fans sempat dibuat baper oleh Lee Jun Ki dan Park Min Young di acara variety show My Ear Candy yang ditayangkan di tvN. Beberapa fans menyayangkan hubungan Lee Jun Ki terungkap di saat acara tersebut berhasil menyentuh hati penonton karena chemistry Lee Jun Ki dan Park Min Young di acara tersebut.

Bahkan karena berita terungkapnya hubungan Lee Jun Ki dan Jeon Hye Bin, pihak tvN membatalkan episode spesial acara My Ear Candy yang menayangkan kelanjutan pertemuan Lee Jun Ki dan Park Min Young di acara tersebut.

Di fan cafenya pada tanggal 10 April 2017, Lee Jun Ki menulis permintaan maafnya.

To my dear family.

Sincere apology for the sudden dating announcement. My heart feels very heavy just thinking about everyone's shocking and confused state. Though it is a bit late, I would like to present my true feelings.

I had felt a different emotion after meeting with her on the drama set and I needed some time to straighten out my thoughts.  That friend was someone who understood and comforted me a lot who happened to be a bright and warm person.

Since we began to meet in secret, I pondered on how to tell everyone. Though I wanted to wait for the right moment to tell my family it didn't quite turn out that way, which breaks my heart," sending his deep message of apology to his dedicated fans.

I also feel a tremendous amount of responsibility in terms of my appearance on the variety program.  I would like to sincerely apologize to all the fans and viewers who showed much love and support.

source : allkpop


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