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Januari 17, 2017

Kim Tae Hee dan Rain Akhirnya Menikah

Kim Tae Hee

Selamat buat pasangan Rain dan Kim Tae Hee, visual couple yang akhirnya menikah setelah pacaran selama 4 tahun. Melalui akun twitternya, Rain mengumumkan berita bahagia tentang pernikahannya dengan Kim Tae Hee dengan sebuah surat romantis yang dia tulis tangan.

Hello, I hope everyone’s healthy this cold winter.

“This is Jung Ji Hoon.

“Already 16 years have passed since I debuted. The fans that were with me all that time have become beautiful women and mothers.

“Now I, as the oldest son in my household, also seek to become a great husband. [Kim Tae Hee] has always been there for me, unmoving, in sad times and in happy times, and she never fails to amaze me. Our trust and love for each other is as strong as ever, and we’ve decided to take the leap.

“As the current times are unstable, we will be as quiet and humble as possible with our wedding ceremony. As such, we apologize for not revealing details to the public.

“Thank you again to everyone for sending me so much love over 16 years. I will continue to move forward with my career, both as a singer and actor, with responsibility and modesty.

“She is the best present to me.”

Trans: via soompi

Menurut info dari soompi, rencan pernikahan Kim Tae Hee dan Rain akan dilaksanakan bulan Februari 2017. Rencana pernikahan Kim Tae Hee dan Rain tertutup untuk umum dan hanya akan dihadiri oleh keluarga dan sahabat dekat saja.

Mengutip penutup surat Rain “She is the best present to me" sesuai dengan lagu yang baru dirilis Rain. Mungkin lagu ini spesial Rain persembahkan untuk Kim Tae Hee.

Yeah, sekali lagi selamat untuk Kim Tae Hee dan Rain :)

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